Jenkins and Wynne Office Olympics

Today we want to take a look back at the 2018 Jenkins and Wynne Office Olympics! To celebrate the Winter Olympics of 2018, the Jenkins and Wynne Team decided to host our own version of the Olympics with our First Annual Office Olympics! Each department from Jenkins and Wynne competed for medals in 4 days worth of events and today we take a look back starting with the Opening Ceremonies! 

 The Lighting of the Ceremonial Olympic Candle
 Salesman Steve Jackson Proudly holding the candle high
 The playing of the National Anthem
 The Department of Accounting!
 Ford Service had the smallest flag of all the departments, but manager Brett is still proud!
 Casey and Jordan of Internet!
Steve Jackson and Jay Wilburn represent Ford Sales
The entire Jenkins and Wynne team comes together for the end of the Opening Ceremonies

The first official day of competition began with the Jenkins and Wynne Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader Trivia Challenge! The Questions Consisted of Jenkins and Wynne History Trivia and Trivia from the history of the Actual Olympics. Ford Sales, Honda Sales, Ford Service and Accounting all competed!
 The First Question of the Games
 The Possible answers. Do you know what Year?
 34 out of the 40 competitors got it right!
 The competitors look on while answering Trivia
 Heavy Representation from Ford and Honda Sales
 Cathy from Accounting wins and receives the first Gold Medal of the games!
Cathy from Accounting with the Gold, Steve from Honda Sales with Silver and Chad from Honda Sales with Bronze

Day 2 of competition kicked off with a game of Cup Pong! 6 different departments represented in Competition...Internet, Accounting, Ford Sales, Honda Sales, Ford Service and Ford Parts. The competition was stiff and came down to a nailbiting finish for the Gold. Check out the Video and Photo highlights from the event!
Video Recap of Days 1-2
 The Full Field of Competition
Bryan Bateman of Ford Parts takes his shot!
Bryan from Ford sales lining up a shot
 Rick from Ford Sales lands the final shot on Accounting
 High Fives after the game!
 Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine the Top 2 teams!
 Total focus from Ben Anderson of Honda Sales
 Bo from Ford Service lands the final shot for the win!
 Ford Service Gets the Gold on Day 2!
Ford Service Bo and Mike win Gold, Ben Anderson and Joey take home Silver for Honda Sales and Rick and Bryan get Bronze for Ford Sales!

Day 3 of the Games saw a Paper Airplane race between 6 different departments! Internet, Accounting, Honda Sales, Ford Sales and Ford Service would all make returns to competition and Detail would be represented for the first time in the games!
Video Recap of Day 3
Jay from Ford Sales gives insight into his plane
Accounting's Maria explains her strategy
Hedi from Internet looks to intimidate the competition
The First race is between Crobin from Ford Service and Jeff from Detail
Maria from Accounting races against the Returning Olympian Ben Anderson from Honda Sales
Hedi from Internet races agains Jay from Ford Sales
Jay, Corbin and Ben Anderson race to determine the Bronze
Jay and Ben Anderson go for the gold
Jay Awarded the Third Gold Medal of the Games
Jay gets the Gold for Ford Sales, Ben Anderson gets his second Silver for Honda Sales and Corbin brings the Bronze home to Ford Service

The Final Day of Competition saw a 6 department competition in a games of Cornhole! Just like Cup Pong the departments of Honda Sales, Ford Sales, Internet, Accounting, Ford Service and Ford Parts were represented. The real story of the event was Ben Anderson returning for this third straight competition of the games having won 2 Silver Medals already and looking to close things out with a Gold. 
Day 4 Video Recap
The full field of Competition! 
Steve from Ford Sales gives Internet's Sam some Advise
High fives as Ford Sales Moves on to the Top 3!
Anita from Accounting takes a shot
Ben Anderson sees his dreams of Gold slipping away
Anita and Ben Anderson in a shootout to advance to the Top 3
Ben Anderson from Honda Sales, Tyler from Ford Service and Mark from Ford Sales in a shootout for Bronze
Honda Sales and Ford Service in the Finals yet again
Zach trying to win Ford Service a Second Gold
Focus and determination from Tyler
Ben Anderson makes the game winning shot!
Great show of sportsmanship
Ben Anderson finally gets his Gold Medal!
The final competition saw Ben Anderson and David from Honda Sales win the Gold, Zach and Tyler Bringing the Silver to Ford Service and Steve and Mark win Bronze for Ford Sales! 

We had such amazing time with the 2018 Office Olympics and hope you all enjoyed it along with us! If anyone wants the final medal count it is as follows...

Honda Sales: 1 Gold 3 Silver 1 Bronze
Ford Service: 1 Gold 1 Silver 1 Bronze 
Ford Sales: 1 Gold 0 Silver 2 Bronze
Accounting: 1 Gold 0 Silver 0 Bronze 

Thanks for watching and reading and we hope you join us in 2 years when it's time for the Summer Olympics! 

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