Families of Jenkins and Wynne: Richardson Family

Jenkins and Wynne is in the business of families. It's very important to us to grow families here.
So we thought it would be a great idea to introduce you to some of the families of Jenkins and Wynne!
Today we are going to share the Richardson Family!
Sheryl Richardson started working here July of 86, thirty-one years ago! She started off as a warranty clerk, then cashier, then parts delivery, counter person and is now the Honda Parts Manager! She is such an important asset to us and goes above and beyond in everything she does and we greatly appreciate it! 
A few years ago, her son Brent Richardson began working here as the Honda File Clerk. He worked here part time while he was attending school, and once he got his degree he worked in our photo bay, putting vehicles on the website and is now the Electronics Manager. He also manages our Youtube account and creates all of our content. 
Once he left the File Clerk position, his wife, Jordan Richardson took over that position. She stayed in that position for three years, then just recently began managing our social media accounts, and our blog! She is also the new Ford Warranty Clerk. 
It all began with Sheryl Richardson, and it's continued to grow through the years, and Brent and Jordan Richardson hope to keep growing within the company for many years as well!
Not only did we want to show the families within Jenkins and Wynne but show all of Sheryl's family too!

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