Name Your Car Day!

Today is National Name your car day! A vehicle plays a vital part in our every day lives so why not give it a name? We went around to our employees here at Jenkins and Wynne to get the names of their vehicles! Write down your vehicles name in the comments! 

Sheryl Richardson- White Diamond!

Brent and Jordan Richardson- The Blueberry (from the show Psych)

Gerald- Fusion (it's french!)

Jessica- Lisa the Lease!

Greg- Black Beauty!

Andrew- Addy's Paddy (Named after his daughter, Addison)

Christine- The Great White!

Craig- Miss Lucille 

Jessica- Linx

Miranda- Lucky (first tags was 777)

Ayanne- Igsxy

Rebecca- Ghost

Charvelle- Lil Miss Black Beauty

Anita- Hot Tomale! 

Destiny- Harley

Sarah- Felicia

Susan- Ruby

Maria- Black Widow

Angelia- The Beast

Jordan- Susie the silver bullet Solara

Paul- Big Blue

Brennan- Little Baby B

Jeff- Blue Demon

Hector- Snowflake

Donnie- Betty (our very own shuttle vehicle)

Dustin- Ranger Danger

LB- Black Betty

Jay Wilburn- Lightening!

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