Families of Jenkins and Wynne: Keeter Family

Murray Keeter is our general manager here at Jenkins and Wynne. He has been working here for over fifty years!
After working here for fifty-five years, he will be retiring at the end of this year at the young age of seventy-nine. He began his career here in 1962, where he started off in the parts department. He worked there for thirty days, then Vernon Jenkins called him up and made him parts manager. He stayed parts manager until 1965. Murray then became the service department manager until 1971. Then he moved on to being managers of used cars and then new cars. 
Thirteen of Murray's Family members have worked at Jenkins and Wynne.
Murray met his wife Janie here at Jenkins and Wynne, they have three daughters who have all worked at Jenkins and Wynne!
His daughter, Beverly, met her husband Kenny here at Jenkins and Wynne, then their son Cole is now in sales here at Jenkins and Wynne and met his wife Courtney here. And they now have a beautiful baby girl.
We had the pleasure of visiting Murray and his family out at Keeter Farms where he took us around his farm and met all of his family. The farm was breathtaking!
Murray Keeter is going to be spending his retirement tending to his sprawling farm.
 We are going to deeply miss having Murray Keeter here at Jenkins and Wynne but we wish Murray Keeter and his wife Janie many, many years together taking care of Keeter Farms!

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Togetherness at Jenkins and Wynne!

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