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Breast Cancer Survivor: Mary Kurtz

When I first decided on doing a Breast Cancer Survivor blog I sent out an email to my fellow employees on who knew of anyone willing to do it. Within that day, Rhonda emailed me about her aunt. Who she calls "Aunt Shorty". She was super sweet, and helped set everything up, and went to pick up her Aunt and bring her to my office.  Of course, I was nervous, I always am when meeting new people, but the second Mary walked into my office, my nervousness went away, because she was so friendly and made me feel at ease. We just began talking about how we both dislike the summer heat, and are excited for fall. I loved watching her poke fun at Rhonda for loving the summer heat.  We began discussing some of my interview questions and immediately she began telling me everything. When I asked her about her family, she began telling me about her three kids, and all of her grandchildren and great grandchildren. I could just tell she was so proud of them all. She told me her hobbies were w…

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